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Bulk food wall, 6 meter or more

Going big in bulk!

6 meter or more means you are going big in bulk. Every 125cm segment can host about 24-28 products, so this unpackaged wall  will have at least 144 products to offer. Let us know if you want to go big in bulk by opening a bulk department or start an unpackaged food store. 

Food Dispense wand
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4 to 6 meter bulk food wall

A good looking bulk food aisle!

4 to 6 meter will allow you to offer a wide range of bulk foods ranging from 75 to 125 sku’s. The exact number of products will depend on the setup of each section. Do you want to use the lower region or not? Together we will maximize the use of the available store space and choose the best option in line with your budget

2,5 meter to 4 meter bulk food wall

A good start

In our terms a bulk food wall is at least 2,5 meter wide. Two sections of 125cm will host about 48 products in total. The shopper still has a good range to choose from and it is big enough to not be overseen in the bulk food shop.

Dry food dispenser wall
Back to back dry food dispenser island

A bulk food island

If you do not have enough wall space, an island is a good idea. On the smaller sides of the island you can add a service station or offer additional products. We can discuss the exact setup and your special demands.

Why choose Food Dispense solutions?

If you are on the point of investing in a new department or store you want to be sure that the partner you are working with is reliable and experienced. With more than 10 years of serving customers throughout Europe we know what we are talking about. Most of our clients are food retailers from a small shop to a big retailer. We have also worked with big brands like Dr Oetker, Unilever, Nestlé and Cloetta to work on a category concept. 

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Over 10 years of experience

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Flexible and service minded

Style and setup on demand


Do you want to add electrical dispense machines for more fun on the shopping floor?

More experience on the shopping floor, that is important nowadays. How about machines for candy dispensing, making your own nut butter or tapping Yoghurt?