Food Dispense, specialist in self dispense solutions for food retail and brands

Welcome to Food Dispense, the specialist in attractive self dispense solutions for retail and brands With more than 8 years of experience in the European “bulk food” market, we can boast a lot of experience. Whether it’s a single shelf or a complete wall we can meet your needs. Buying in the “Unpackaged” aisle is popular and has many advantages For shoppers and store food stores. Are you ready to catch up with this exiting trend and dedicate part of your store to Unpackaged?

More experience on the shop floor

Buying in the bulk department is fun to do. Pulling the handle of the dispenser and see the product flow is absolutely something different than unconsciouslyilling filliing your shopping cart. Walking through the aisle you see an attractive shelf presenting all kinds of natural foods. The freshness of the goods is tempting and you feel the urge to buy a few things. Well why not, I can buy as much or as little as I need. It’s fun to do!

Fast return on investment, adds up to bottomline

Customers may not always buy large quantities but they will return more often. Margins are good because sku’s are bought in bulk in 5-15kg bags Using dispesers to offer bulk foods also makes it easier to do business with small growers who love to supply bulk bags. On average the return on investment lies between 8 and 18 months depending on your sales and margins. Maintain your bulk aisle well and it will bring you good earnings and satisfied shoppers

Buiy exactly the amount you need and save on packaging

Your customers will love it! It is fun to do and allows them to just buy the right amount. Throughout the supply chain bulk saves packaging and that is what counts nowadays. Your customers are ready, are you?

Your branche

Are you looking for a branche specific solution to improve category results? Or do you want to create more fun on the shopping floor? What is your category: candy, cereals, tea, coffeebeans, spices, nuts, powders? We have served many customers in many branches and we are looking forward working with you to. How can we help you?

Turnkey bulk food solutions

Pick and mix dispenser cabinet

For organic stores, reform shops, supermarkets and unpackaged stores we offer turnkey bulk food solutions from one shelf to a 10 meter wall Going big in bulk is the trend! Together we will create your unique bulk food display or wall. Are you going to restyle your shop or start a new one? Please contact us and let’s discuss your needs


Are you looking for individual food dispensers and scoop boxes to buy directly? You can do this in our webshop. There is plenty of choice: retail bulk dispensers, food service dispensers, hotel buffet displays, topping dispensers, luxury coffee beans dispensers, etc. Large scoop boxes, cereal dispensers, etc. Order now and visit our webshop!

Happy Baking presents lots of toppings

Home baking is hot Happy Baking in The Hague,,  is great baking shop with lots of fans. The TV programme “Heel Holland Bakt” has contributed to their success. Recently they surprised their clients with a new presentation of toppings. Look at this stunning picture:   Now everyone can buy just the amount they need […]

Beautiful Haribo display in The Netherlands

Pick and mix Haribo In joint cooperation with Haribo and Total this beautiful tempting candy pick and mix display, made by Food Dispense,  has been installed at Total Leiderdorp in the Netherlands. The design and lighting really stands out in the shop environment. Lots of Haribo lovers like it very much. Are you looking for […]

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