Why would you use food dispensers for your company?

Save packaging

Retailers can save packaging allowing their customers to buy no more than they need.

Just the amount you need

Dispensers are suitable for different categories like nuts, sweets, coffee, beans, pet dry food, etc.

Reduce food waste

A self service dispenser system allows your customers to contribute to a world in balance.

Retail segment


Are you looking for a self dispense store solution for your products? We offer a wide range of dispensers suitable from candy to spices and powders and from nuts to petfood. Get inspired!

Turnkey solutions


We offer our customers a wide choice of self dispense sections to play with. By combining sections, customers small and big can create their own self dispense store solution..




Are you looking for durable, first in, first out food dispensers that can be used in a store environment? Please look no further. We can offer you a wide range of food dispensers in different sizes and capacities.